Area Guide and Activities

A Mediterrenean Country: Northern Cyprus

In addition to its natural beauties, Northern Cyprus has been preserving its popularity as it was always visited by various civilizations for hundreds of years.  Gazimagusa, Kyrenia, Nicosia, Guzelyurt, Lefke and the natural beauty of Karpaz peninsula... Cyprus is worth seeing with its preserved untouched beauties.

A Historical City: Famagusta

Gazimagusa, a city of East Mediterrenean, has the signs of middle age architecture. You may feel yourself travelling into ancient times during a trip to Magusa. Otella Castle, Porte Del Mare, St. Nicholas Church (known as the Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque), Palazzo del Provedittore (Royal Palace), Namik Kemal Dungeon, St. George Cathedral, Nesturi Church, Twin Towers of Templar Knights and Priests, Martinegro Abbey and Djanboulat Abbey... It is impossible not to witness a historical feast when you come to Cyprus.

Island’s Best Beaches: Gazimagusa beaches 
Glapsides, Silver Beach and Bafra Beach are beaches that are close to the city with an easy transportation. This view has golden sands and turquoise blue. On the other hand, Karpaz Peninsula is a very speacial beach with its golden sands, virgin coastline with its Caretta Caretta turtles and wild donkeys of Karpaz. You may sightsee all historical artifacts, beaches of historical Karpaz Peninsula in your vehicle provided by Pia Bella Rent A Car.

Capital of Two Cultures: NICOSIA

The most crowded city of Northen Cyprus, Nicosia is located right in the middle of the country. Nicosia is divided into two with a Green Line and it has the feature of being a capital both Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus.
Along many historical places you may visit Near East University Classical and sports  cars museum which offers entrance without charge to Pia Bella Hotel guests           


You will definitely find an activity you’ll like in this port city favoured by many tourists. At the cafés, restaurants and bars located inside the port, you may drink or eat during day or night; or you may walk with those you love along the port to Kyrenia Castle.

At the weekends and during high seasons, there are souvenier shops at the Port entrance where you can buy gifts that will remind those you love of Kyrenia and Cyprian culture. You will be impressed a lot by historical buildings around the city.
Kyrenia bazaar is a touristic bazaar where you can visit and shop with those you love. A lively night life starts from Karaoglanoglu to Esentepe and Kyrenia is an exact holiday location with its various hotels affordable by everyone.

St. Hilarion is the inspiration of the famous fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty. And it is among the places worth seeing as well as Bellapais and amazing Beaches as Shayna Beach and Alagadi

. You may discover the all beauties of Kyrenia via a vehicle you will rent from Pia Bella Rent A Car...

Guzelyurt with the smell of Oranges

You will feel that you belong to nature in this city surrounded

by a green view and orange tree gardens. You may see a splendid panoramic view of Trodos Mountains in Guzelyurt. St. Mamas Abbey, Guzelyurt Museum, Vouni Palace, Piri Osman Pasa Shrine, a British time cellar and Soli are among the places to be seen. 

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A Peninsula Surrounded by Olive Trees; Karpaz

This peninsula surrounded by olive trees and stiff hillside is very pleasing to watch. Its untouched nature and splendid coastline worth seeing. It is an indispensible district for those who like swimming near a natural coast and trekking. You will be fascinated by golden sand and a turquoise blue sea.

While visiting Karpaz, make sure you also visit the restaurants offering you the delicious Cyprian cuisine. After tasting fabulous Cyprian kebabs and fish, a cup of foaming Turkish coffee will please you. This national park where you may observe Caretta Caretta turtles and wild donkeys is full of fresh air. The hours you will spend in this peninsula via a car provided by Pia Bella Rent A Car will be unforgettable.