History of North Cyprus

 With the perfect climate and hospitality Mediterrenean sea offers, it is one of the most beautiful islands bridging between 3 continents. It is a reflection of paradise with its splendid coasts and unique nature. Legends on that Sezar gives this place as a present to his great love Cleopatra is the proof.

An Island's Story Told as Legends: Northern Cyprus... 

Archeological findings in the island revealed that there are dwellings belonging to Neolotic period. From the remains, it is seen that the first people settled in Cyprus were actually from Mesopotamia and Anatolia. 

Later on, greater dwellings belonging to Bronze Age were founded. As you know, the most significant rawmaterial of bronze vehicles and this result in the opennings of centers dealing with copper trade amd copper processing. It is observed that first people settling in the island were able to deal with agriculture and were capable of domesticating animals. Groups coming later than BC 6000 brought the art of making pottery, pot and cups out of clay. One of the two dwellings belonging to that particular time is already found. One of the remains is “VRISI” remains on 10 km east of Kyrenia in Northern coasts, and the other one “KIROKITIA” is the other remains between Limassol and Nicosia.

In “ENKOMI” settlement located in Northern Magusa, you may find the remainings of a developing, modern and rich town of Bronze era.

A Country of Historical Remains and Artifacts...

Since ........, the scenerio of Cyprus history has changed and its strategic significants received awareness, and the interest in the island has increased due to coppor reserves. The political powers of the region tried hard to have dominion over the district. Therefore, it is possible to see the historical remains of many different cultures visiting the island to invade it. In other words, the various cultures coming with these invasions turn the Cyprus island into a land of historical remains and artifacts.

Chronological Calendar of Cyprus History:

B.C. 7000 - 3000 New Stone Age

B.C. 30001450 Bronze Age

B.C. 1450700 Ancient Egypt Sovereignty

B.C. 700545 Assyrians Sovereignty

B.C. 545345 Ancient Greek (Helen) Sovereignty

B.C. 345290 Sovereignty of Ptolemic Kingdom

B.C. 29058 Sovereignty of Ptolemic Kingdom

B.C. 58 A.D. 395 Roman Sovereignty

395 1190 Byzantine Sovereignty

1190 1191 British Sovereignty

1191 1489 Lusignan Sovereignty

1489 1570 Venetian Sovereignty

1570 1878 Ottoman Sovereignty

1878 1960 British Sovereignty

1960 1974 Republic of Cyprus

1974 Cyprus Peace Operation

1974 1983 Cyprus Turkish Federal State- Administration of Greek Cypriot

1983 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus