North Cyprus Climate and Vegetation

When November comes, rain brings life back to nature. When green vegetation covers everywhere, “Green Cyprus” appears. Colorful tulips, yellow and white daisies and cyclamens decorate nature.
Olive trees and scrubs decorate the Karpaz peninsula whereas rods come into ear in Mesarya plain of this untouched peninsula offering a great taste with its yellow and orange trees bearing lemon and orange.

The climate in Northern Cyprus is a typical Mediterrenean climate. Summers are dry and hot and winters are rainy and warm. It is one of the most beautiful places one can live in spring and fall. These two seans are warm and pleasant in Northern Cyprus. Average sensible temperature for the summer is above 30°C (90 F) and in the coldest months, it is 10°C (50 F).

Average Temperatures in Northern Cyprus:
Month Weather Temperature (min) °C Weather Temperature (max) °C Water Temperature °C
January 8 16 16
Fabruary 8 17 17
March 9 19 17
April 12 23 18
June 15 27 21
July 19 31 24
August 22 33 28
September 20 31 27
October 16 27 25
November 12 22 22
December 9 18 19