North Cyprus Transportation and Accommodation


Passport and Visa Requirements:

One can check in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with the passport of any country. Once check in, you may be given a “Travel Visa” that will last for maximum 3 months.

In order to extend that period, you may apply to Immigration Office of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Children below 16 may check in with their parents’ passports within the parents’ permission.

Flights are made through Ercan Airport and without a trouble even during the high season.

Northern Cyprus Museums:

You will enjoy witnessing the history of the island where many civilizations were hosted. In Cyprus, openning hours for the museums may differ during the summer season. Therefore, you may need to apply The Office of Museums and Antiquities for more information (00-90-392-227 2916).Openning hours for the museums are as follows during the winter season: 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:45.  In Northern Cyprus, museums are closed on official holidays.


In Northern Cyprus, communication is possible with everywhere in the world via phone, telex, fax and internet. Please dial (00 90 392) before 7 digit local number to call Cyprus from countries other than Turkey and dial (0 392) before7 digit local number to call Cyprus from Turkey. City codes in Cyprus are as follows: Kyrenia 81, Gazimagosa 36, Nicosia 22). You may call a UK phone number from Cyprus by dialing 00 44+. And if you would like to call Turkey, you may just dial the phone number as a regular long distance call..


In Northern Cyprus, there is no customs application for the personal belongings and food materials of tourists.

The tobacco and cigar is limited to the price of 400 cigarettes and tourists are allowed to bring a bottle of alcoholic beverage and a bottle of perfume. Archeological and Historical arts are not allowed to be taken outside the Northern Cyprus.


It is possible to swim for 6 months of the year in Northern Cyprus. Average sea temperature between May and October is 24 C and Northern Cyprian coasts are full of all facilities that will meet your need such as restaurant, cafes, bars, parasols etc. All kinds of activities and animations such as Water skii, Banana, Ringo, Jet-Ski, Parachute, Surfing etc..